Jersey City historian Bob Leach ‘was better than true’

Bob Leach’s colorful stories about jersey City’s history are a fallacy, He’d be the first to say.

“They can be better than true they are almost true, He liked in order to.

Leach, The consummate storyteller who wove facts and anecdotes into hypnotic tales of jersey City lore, Died Wednesday at age of 78 at Green Acres Manor in Toms River.

“It’s a horrible loss for jersey City, realistically, celebrity fad John Hallanan, A city councilman and former us president of the jersey City Landmarks Conservancy. “Bob Leach was a bridge to days gone by. He didn’t just know his story he lived it,

Leach was always quick to indicate that he was much more of a storyteller than a historian.

“History is a practice. Storytelling is an art. Probably the simplest way to depict the truth is a blending of each, Leach told The jersey Journal in a 2011 employment interview.

For years Leach was the director of the jersey City beautiful Project, Which researched the city’s past, Collected oral histories and provided the public with dazzling accounts of the city’s past.

Danny Klein, A board Wholesale Jerseys member of the Hudson County family history and genealogical and Historic Society, Said that pores and skin Wholesale Jerseys stories Leach told, He recalls “parade of the Shantytown Dead” many.

“It was about the founding of the Harsimus Cemetery, Klein told. “from a storm, Soil had rinsed away. And the graves were noticeable. As Bob ‘d do, He developed it into an allegory.

“One of the items I loved about it is that he heard that story throwback nba jerseys from his father, Klein extra. “And he asked his father if this was true. joseph, “attack of the Reds: Mayor Hague’s War inside Radicals and Free Speech, and as well “march of the Shantytown Dead,

“Bob Leach was one of the few people left who could describe the Hague era, Hallanan understood. “He was a real personality. Even if you had no need for jersey City, Or subject of, Once you started listening you had to hear the whole story,

Leach was instrumental in locating documents that proved jersey City’s ownership of the historic Peter Stuyvesant monument and in 2009 he was honored by the Landmarks Conservancy for his invaluable charitable contributions to preserving jersey City’s history.

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